Free Of Toxic

Free of toxic substances such as heavy metals, environmental protection and no pollution

Natural Color

The molding panel is bright in color and natural in color, which changes the visual feeling of the cold single surface of the metal plate

Scratch Resistance

Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance, the surface of the film is coated with anti-scratch paint, and the nail is lightly scratched without leaving marks, which is durable.

Dust Resistance

The film surface does not generate static electricity and absorb dust, has strong anti-fouling property and is easy to clean.

Heat Resistance

Moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, can be used in a humid environment not exceeding 85 ℃ without peeling.

Histrong integrated aluminium ceiling is a multifunctional and self-organizing ceiling system which has a modular design that allows modification, replacement or exchanging of any individual aluminium ceiling plate. In appearance, the stylish, simple and flexible features allow you to have more options and selections for your design ideas. This is the safest, most fashionable and most reasonable ceiling system.

Histrong aluminium ceiling plate uses high-quality aluminium-magnesium-manganese alloy as the base material, and the surface film is made of imported PVDF fluorocarbon coating. The production of each plate has to go through 21 processes of craftsmanship such as unwinding, degreasing, decontamination, drying, chromizing, multi-layer eco-friendly protection coating, printing and others. This assures that the color of the aluminum plate is evenly distributed and not easily faded, it is durable and anti-corrosion, easy for maintenance and cleaning.




High quality of raw material

Histrong Integrated Aluminium Ceiling adopts a "golden ratio" of aluminium-magnesium-manganese alloy material (aluminium 98%, magnesium 1.8%, manganese 0.2%)as raw material, and this has created a whole new ecological aluminium plate, which has the qualities of strong wear resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance, very light in weight, will never deformed, colour will not get faded, will not get rusty and high durability.

Uniform in flatness

Histrong Integrated Aluminium Ceiling comes in a standard size of 0.6mm thickness. It is being compressed by a 300 ton of hydraulic pressing machine with a 0.2 second compressing time. This is to ensure that the compressed profile is stable, the flatness is uniformed, the angles and sides are well-defined. All these factors make the installation comes easier and able to achieve zero gap in between each plate.

Environmental friendly

Histrong Integrated Aluminium Ceiling has a complicated production process. Each plate has to go through a 200° C high temperature baking process and a type of environmental friendly vacuum blotting process. The ink on the surface is fully imported and its content of formaldehyde is 0.8 mg per liter, it is almost as same as drinking water which has 0.9 mg per liter of formaldehyde. Thus, Histrong plate is a low-carbon and almost zero content of formaldehyde building material.

Minimal maintenance

Histrong Integrated Aluminium Ceiling goes through roll coating process for only one time to ensure that the surface of the plate is not damaged and does not create any static, and thus, dust is not able to remain on the surface, which makes cleaning easier. In addition, the surface of the ceiling plate contains titanium dioxide coating which is able to decompose organic pollutants and oily dirt stains, therefore, it is very easy to maintain and clean.

High standard of workmanship

Histrong Integrated Aluminium Ceiling adopts screen printing process, which is to press UV ink through a high-density stencilled mesh screen to create a printed design on the surface. It is then gone through a 200° C high temperature baking process, and lastly being solidify with a high output UV lamp. All these processes have created a high standard of colour fidelity, a wide range of colourful choices, a real texture on the surface, and a three-dimensional unique pattern on the plate.